“Otherlife Dreams” by William D. Arand is an engaging LitRPG fantasy with satisfying world building, character development, and game mechanics.


In the future, after a spaceship suffers a catastrophic failure, our hero Runner Norwood wakes up in a video-game type environment. He quickly discovers that he and the rest of the ship’s crew were put into this virtual reality as a form of life-support after the disaster. And he’s the only one who can get himself and the thousands of others out of the simulation and back to reality. Unfortunately for him, his mind isn’t what it used to be. Battling amnesia, Runner must use his I.T. specialist skills to figure out how this world works, and the clock is ticking. His crewmates are dying in the game, which equates to a fate worse than death back in the real world.


“Otherlife Dreams” is an action-packed, graphic-sex-free, totally escapist adventure for gamers and LitRPG fans alike.


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