“Raven House” by Deacon Frost is a super-fun magical academy haremlit story that I can only describe as “Steamy Times at Sexy Hogwarts.”


The story starts out as a by-the-book isekai, complete with death-by-Truck-kun and awakening in a new world with strange new powers. But “Raven House” immediately rises above its tropes with its cast of likable, well-developed characters and in-depth world building. As soon as you meet our hero Levi, you are invested in both his struggles and his snuggles, as he explores his new life and meets a bevy of lovely classmates.


Frost did a fantastic job using the magical academy not just as a generic background, but as an integral part of the story. Levi doesn’t just flit around romancing girls and dealing with bullies. He actually has to go to class and learn things. And what he quickly learns is that he is awesome at beast taming. Before long, he has two companion animals in the form of a sassy squirrel and a dragonet with a mysterious secret.


As someone who doesn’t care for the overpowered protagonist trope, I loved how Levi is gifted with powers that are far above average, but struggles to wield them. This delivers on the readers’ desire to see a kick-ass hero, but also one who isn’t boringly invincible. Levi must work hard to correct his mistakes and learn from them, while still growing in knowledge and strength, which is nice.


Also nice is the way that not every attractive woman in the story throws herself at our hero. Levi slowly builds his harem, and takes the time to build  relationships that the reader cares about. And not just with his girls. It’s always refreshing to see an MC in this genre who has friends outside of the harem, and develops genuine, non-sexual friendships.


I absolutely loved the steampunk-style world building. The combination of magic and old-timey technology is exactly what I want in a fantasy story. Overall, “Raven House” is a fun, action-packed adventure that leaves readers wanting more. The unanswered questions and potential for character growth make it a must-read for any lover of academy or steampunk haremlit.


Read the book!


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