There’s just under a month until the release of Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty 2. It’s going to be a fun and sexy adventure, where you’ll meet that little demon vixen pictured above.

If you haven’t checked out the book two Amazon page lately, there’s all new cover art and a blurb that actually tells what the story is about (instead of that placeholder text I originally had in there).

And if you’re wondering why the cover no longer has Immersa on it, here’s the explanation.

Facebook Fun

I don’t pay Facebook to boost posts from my author page, so they rarely share my content in user feeds. Here are some fun posts you may have missed:

New Haremlit Releases

It’s been a big week for my harem-writing friends. Here are some shout-outs to books I think you’ll love.


My buddy Peter North just released the fifth and final book of his epic first series, Elemental Empire.

If you’ve been waiting for the story to be complete so you could binge the whole thing, the time is now!

Here’s the link to book one if you need to start at the beginning.

Here’s the link to book five if you’re already caught up.

Edie Skye is one of my favorite harem authors, and Titan Mage is probably my favorite harem series I’ve read so far.

Her books have the same kind of adventure and humor as mine do, and I’m sure if you liked Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty you’ll also like the ongoing saga of Titan Mage.

Here’s book one, if you want to check it out from the start.

Here’s the all new book four, which just came out this week.

Deacon Frost has got some brand new audio for you.

Empire’s Run, book four in the Otherworld Academy series is now on Audible.

If you like your steampunk set at Sexy Hogwarts, you’ll love this series. I sure do!

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