“Monster Girl Inn” is a delightful tale that I can only describe as “wholesome smut.” Yes, Misty Vixen has loaded this book up with sex. But there’s not a drop of cynicism. The prose feels so naive and pure and exuberant, which gives it a strange sort of innocence, even when it’s wonderfully raunchy. Which it is. Often.


On its surface, this is a story about Victor, a man who goes out into the wilderness to, in his words, “bang monster girls.” And, spoiler alert, he is very successful in his mission. But when he meets Fiona, a viper-girl who wants to open an inn that caters to everyone, regardless of species or background, the story becomes much deeper. Victor, Fiona, and Jezzy the succubus are all wounded souls who form deep bonds and become a found family. That has sex. A lot.


It’s a joy to see Vixen explore themes of tolerance and acceptance without being heavy-handed about it. With its compassionate, chilled-out protagonist and leisurely pace, “Monster Girl Inn” is a soothing, slice-of-life adventure that’s a balm for the stresses of daily life.


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