“Neural Wraith” by K.D. Robertson is a sci-fi cyberpunk detective tale that hooks you with its gritty, noir storytelling and keeps you guessing to the end. 


Our hero, Nick, is an embittered ex-con and genius programmer who is made an outsider by a quirk of his biology. Because in the city of Neo Babylon, everyone is jacked into an augmented reality 24/7 through neural implants. A neural implant that Nick’s body rejects. Being the only person who lives outside the system has some unique advantages though. Like being the only one who can help a group of sexy police lady-bots solve a dark and intriguing mystery.


“Neural Wraith” is a smart, mature story offering an interesting exploration on our own society’s slide toward dependence on technology. The clues are revealed with deft pacing, drawing the reader along their trail and never giving up more than they needed to. If you’re looking for a lot of steamy action, you may be disappointed that the book only has one sex scene. But if you want a riveting mystery in a world reminiscent of Blade Runner or Westworld, you should definitely download “Neural Wraith” to your cyber-device.


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