Elemental Empire


“Elemental Empire” is an explosive series starter from what seems to be a debut author. The story delivers on expectations of the isekai haremlit genre, striking a perfect balance between satisfying expectations and delivering something new and exciting.

When successful business consultant Logan Greenwood goes back to his podunk home town to care for his ailing mother, he does not expect to be whisked into an alternate world of magic and mayhem. But once he’s there, freed of the trappings of the business world, he begins to truly feel alive for the first time. It’s an attractive fantasy, written well, and with loads of spice.

The interactions between Logan and the women he meets along the way, including a gorgeous auburn-haired, green-eyed dryad and a haughty blonde elf, service not just the fans, but the story as well. The author did a great job tying the bedroom action into the plot, which is always appreciated.

With five realms to explore, the author has set this up to be a five-book adventure. I see book two is already available, and he’s got book three on pre-order, so I’m confident we’ll get to see Logan fight and romance his way all the way to the end of the worlds!


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