Elemental Empire 2


“Elemental Empire 2” is a worthy sequel, following our hero Logan as he moves from the forest realm into the aquatic world of the Azurian Sea. Along the way, he and his two lady companions from book one get tangled up with a whole new cast of friends and foes.

When the party gets split up, Logan ends up among the Naga, a race of snake people who live on the beaches alongside the sea. For generations, there has been a rift between their society and the Priestess Cordelia, who rules this realm. In a genre rife with “epic battles of good vs. evil,” it was refreshing to see a conflict that wasn’t painted in stark black-and-white. Neither side was blameless or innocent, which made resolving the problem more complex than just killing the bad guy.

That said, don’t worry, you also get plenty of exciting killing-the-bad-guy action.

I really enjoyed many of the new characters, most especially the siren Seeva, who is basically a hot blue lady version of Gollum from “Lord of the Rings.” I was into it. Don’t judge me.


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