Titan Mage


“Titan Mage” is breathtakingly good. Not breathtakingly good considering it’s the author’s first foray into Haremlit, but breathtakingly good, period.

On the day he gets fired from his job, a wheelchair-bound man gets a job offer too good to be true, and soon finds himself in a new world, with a buff new body, and an incredible new job. Yes, he gets to fight monsters with a giant stompy robot, working with a team of smokin’ hot ladies who (literally) want to have his babies.

This is a must-read for fans of spicy literature who love mecha anime but wish you could get it in a clunkier, steam-powered, gauge-filled package. I loved the combination of steampunk tech with a well-developed magic system. The worldbuilding feels easy and smooth, and compliments the story rather than slowing it down.

“Titan Mage” is also full of solid banter and funny moments, some of them laugh-out-loud. I can’t recommend this one enough! This is definitely a series to follow.

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