“Backyard Dungeon” is a haremlit novel that does a great job combining the wild imagination of a fantasy world with the mundanity of real life. The sweet/salty combination of the two compliments both parts of the story, giving it a nice balance.

When our hero Eddie inherits a double-wide trailer from his estranged grandfather, he is surprised to find the run-down old place has a mineshaft-like opening hidden in the overgrown shrubs. And this shaft leads to a series of caves that house an entire civilization of fantasy creatures and monsters!

During his first visit, he quickly slays some bad guys and rescues a beautiful night-elf princess while grabbing a bit of treasure for himself in the process. Which is pretty standard fantasy stuff. But then he brings his blue-skinned, white-haired beauty to the surface with him, and the script is flipped.

His gorgeous new companion has never seen our world, and is overwhelmed by the “riches” contained in the trailer, such as the shoddy furniture, television, and even the toilet. It was fun to see the real world through the eyes of an innocent newcomer, and I liked the underlying message that what is considered poverty to one may just be unimaginable wealth to another.

This was a fun story, full of lots of fighting and action, with a few sexytimes mixed in. In fact, very few. With only two on-page sex scenes, this book is perfect for people who like their “men’s adventure” heavy on the adventure and low on the spice.


Read the book!


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