Jon is a mild-mannered graduate student who thinks he has life all figured out.
Tori is a wild and sexy harpy who’s about to prove how wrong he is.
Check out my all new men’s romance, “A Harpy Stole My Heart.”

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  • Lots of ravishing women
  • A competent male hero, with fists of fury and a heart of gold
  • A bunch of NSFW action between all of them
  • In a well-developed world with fast-paced action
  • With steampunk technology and supernatural magic
  • That doesn’t take itself too seriously?

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about the author

Grady Sparks writes pulp romance with beautiful women, fast-paced action, and a few laughs along the way. Because the real world can be a drag. Reading should be a fun, empowering escape from the daily grind.

Grady crafts romantic relationships with genuine emotions and steamy encounters. His stories feature competent, likeable heroes and three-dimensional love interests with personalities as big as their passions.

If you like exploring intriguing new worlds and spicy romances, you’ll love Grady Sparks!


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