Victory hurts so good…

Under the fearless leadership of Captain Jordan Threat, the people of the Carivian Islands have fought valiantly for their freedom. But as they stand on the brink of victory against their Imperial oppressors, a secret weapon threatens to destroy their revolution.

To turn the tide of the war, Jordan seeks help from a new ally… who is also an old enemy. Commodore Erika is a bewitching yet sadistic dominatrix, and a former Imperial officer. Her loyalties are fickle, but she may be the rebellion’s only hope. If she can be trusted…

When one of Jordan’s beloved crewmates is abducted by the Imperium, he leads a rescue mission that uncovers dark secrets about Governor Jakjobb’s malevolent endgame. But as Jordan learns the truth behind his own mysterious powers, he fears a greater evil may lurk within himself.

In the crucible of battle, Jordan and his crew of beautiful lovers will find strength in each other as they are drawn closer than ever before. But will it be enough to vanquish the Imperial tyrants and liberate the Carivian, once and for all?

With heroic battles, tender moments, and a dash of sexy spice, Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty 4 is an explosive conclusion to this epic saga of titillation, devotion, and revolution!


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Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty 4 contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual activity between a man and multiple beautiful women. If that gets your rigging in a knot, ye best set sail for another port, matey.


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