A slime of passion…

Captain Jordan Threat and his island rebels have struck a blow to their Imperial occupiers, but victory comes at a heavy price. Lord Governor Jakjobb’s tightening grip on the Carivian threatens to expose the rebellion’s vulnerable secret base. With only a spunky engineer, a sea-nymph warrior, and a sultry succubus by his side, Jordan must recruit able-bodied soldiers, and fast.

Fortunately, a sexy scholar owes Jordan a favor, and her life. Princess Dampni is a bookish slime-girl-next-door who knows how to resurrect an army of ancient warriors… if she can tag along for the adventure. And if there’s one thing Jordan can’t resist, it’s the hot librarian type. Especially one made of sweet purple goo.

As the pirates set sail into the unknown, Jordan is haunted by visions of the glowing whirlpool that brought him to this world. Visions that corrupt his magic, and suggest the Imperium isn’t the biggest danger lurking on these enchanted islands…

Can Jordan master his rogue powers, find the lost army, and save his people? Or will Governor Jakjobb seize the moment to end the pirate’s rebellion, and his life? Get ready for an action-packed adventure that oozes with excitement!


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Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty 3 contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual activity between a man and multiple beautiful women. If that gets your rigging in a knot, ye best set sail for another port, matey.


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