Hellfire meets desire…

Captain Jordan Threat is determined to overthrow the oppressive and tyrannical Hallion Imperium. But to lead the revolution, he’ll have to level-up his steampunk pirate ship and master his new magical powers. Fortunately, his flirtatious first mates are willing to give him plenty of hands-on attention…

But the sinister Lord Governor Jakjobb won’t go down without a fight. In order to crush the budding rebellion, he seeks a demonic relic with enormous destructive power. When Jordan and his crew set out to find it first, they make an unlikely ally in the form of a slick-talking demon aviatrix.

The sensual succubus has an antique airplane, a shady history, and a very dangerous secret. But the relic is the only thing that can save her from an eternity of sexual servitude in the pits of the deepest hell. And Jordan Threat is not the kind of man to abandon a devilish damsel in distress.

Can Jordan and his crew of captivating companions uncover the artifact and turn the tide, or will the Imperium unleash all seven hells on them? Fast-paced, swashbuckling adventure awaits in this humorous tale of seduction, rebellion, and aviation!


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Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty 2 contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual activity between a man and multiple beautiful women. If that gets your rigging in a knot, ye best set sail for another port, matey.