Surrender the booty…

When Jordan Threat falls into a glowing whirlpool in the Bermuda Triangle, he wakes up on a tropical beach in another world. A world where pirates still rule the seas with tall-masted galleons and blood-slicked cutlasses. And it isn’t long before Jordan spills some blood himself, rescuing a gorgeous, blue-skinned sea nymph from the barbarous cutthroats.

The pirates have kidnapped this world’s most powerful supernatural beings, and this long-legged, scantily clad magical warrior must set them free. And she can’t do it alone. But after Jordan agrees to help her, he also rescues a spunky little redhead with an hourglass figure and a passion for steampunk machinery.

Sparks fly when the girls meet. The engineer has a deep distrust for magic, and the nymph has a gills-deep grudge against technology. But they each have a personal score to settle with the pirates. And they both have the hots for Jordan…

Can this rag-tag team of lusty misfits defeat the pirates and prevent a magical apocalypse? Can Jordan convince the girls to kiss and make up, using nothing but his rugged charm and his enormous… negotiation skills? Whatever happens, one thing is for sure. Jordan Threat is going to enjoy this strange new world of Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty.



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Magic Steampunk Pirate Booty contains explicit descriptions of consensual sexual activity between a man and multiple beautiful women. If that gets your rigging in a knot, ye best set sail for another port, matey.


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